Saturday, March 29, 2014

Union Negotiations Team sets Informational Meetings for Membership. April 2nd, & April 4th.

For members who work at the SF Department of Public Works, SFMTA, SFPUC, Port of San Francisco, and all others, the Union negotiations team will make a full report at the Old Clamhouse April 4, 2014.

Liuna!/CCSF Proposal cutoff date reached. Union team begins organizing arguments 1 thru 111, not including Counters.

For members who work at the SF International Airport, SFPUC Milbrae, and the Recreation and Parks Department, the Union negotiations team will make a full report at Park Chalet April 2, 2014.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Bargaining timeline:
The City's negotiations follow a process and timeline prescribed by the City Charter, which results in contracts going before the Board of Supervisors for approval by May 15. Charter section A8.409 lays out the process for almost all non-safety employee groups, along with impasse procedures should the parties fail to reach agreement during negotiations. With few exceptions, in situations when the union and the City can't agree on a contract, the parties present their cases to a neutral third party whose decisions are binding on both parties. This process benefits the City, the unions, and the public by eliminating the disruptions caused by strikes.

Early February: Meet and greet sessions to establish bargaining calendar, set dates for exchanging proposals
Late February: Exchange opening proposals
Early March: Agreed upon last day to advance proposals
April 25: Last date for arbitration hearings for unions that do not waive 10-day cooling off period
April 29: Target deadline for arbitration awards for unions that do not waive the 10-day cooling off period
May 7: Last date for arbitration hearings for unions that waive the 10-day cooling off period and who are going to arbitration
May 9: Date by which agreement should be reached for unions who reach agreement without going to arbitration
May 9: Deadline to File MOUs with the Board of Supervisors for unions who do not waive the 10-day cooling off period (Note May 10, 2014 falls on a Saturday)
May 12: Target deadline for arbitration awards for unions who waived the 10-day cooling off period and went to arbitration
May 15: Deadline to file MOUs with the Board of Supervisors


Thursday, March 20, 2014

LiUNA! Local 261/City Negotiations Gain Momentum.

Be sure to check in with a Union Shop Steward or attend one of the many informational meetings for members at the Union Hall.  Proposal cutoff date is March 27, 2014.
Remember to schedule accordingly these important upcoming informational Happy Hour reports & discussions:

1000 Great Highway, GOLDEN GATE PARK
April 2, 2014 3:30pm

April 3, 2014 3:15pm

299 Bayshore Boulevard, SF, CA 94124
April 4, 2014 3:30pm

In Solidarity.
LiUNA! 261

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2014 Bargaining Schedule

Please see the below collective bargaining schedule:

2/6 Meet and greet: Laborers Hall
2/20 session (9-12): DHR (Bayview)
2/27 session (9-12): DHR (Bayview)
3/4 session (9-5): Laborers Hall
3/6 session (9-12) DHR (Bayview)
3/12 session (10-2): Laborers Hall
3/17 session (10:30-2): Laborers Hall
3/19 session (11:30-5): Special exception DHR (See below)
3/27 session (9-11): DHR (Bayview)
4/3 session (9-5): Laborers Hall
4/9 session (9-5): Laborers Hall
4/11 session (9-5): Laborers Hall
4/16 session (9-2): Laborers Hall
4/24 session (9-1): Laborers Hall
4/28 session (9-5) and 4/29 (9-5): Laborers Hall

LABORERS' Union Public Employees - Underway for Collective Bargaining with City.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Message from Ben Rosenfield: Payroll Issue, 7/15-7/16 split payroll

As you are likely aware, the City processes a "split" payments to employees for the period that spans the end of one fiscal year and the beginning of the next one.  This results in two payments to employees instead of the typical single biweekly payment.  For the most recent fiscal year, the first half of this "split" pay period was paid to employees on July 15th and the second half will be paid on July 16th

 Employees who have established a fixed dollar value deduction from their paycheck to a credit union or other account have inadvertently had two deductions processed for this most recent split pay period, with one fixed dollar transfer processed in each of the two "split" payments.

This will not change an affected employees overall pay, only the account to which it has been credited.  The change does not affect employees with a single direct deposit account, or those with non-fixed dollar value deductions.

 Employees are encouraged to talk to their departmental payroll manager should they have questions about correction of this error.  Each credit union is aware of the situation and is available to work with affected employees to transfer these funds to other accounts or otherwise resolve the misallocation of funds between an affected employee's accounts.

 We apologize for this error, and are available to answer questions or to resolve issues as helpful.


Emily Prescott | Employee Relations Manager

Department of Human Resources | City and County of San Francisco

(415) 557-4814 |

Sunday, March 24, 2013

City Committee vote set to Reaffirm, Modify, or Redact. - City Committee Meeting of April 2013

Union Members:
Given RPD actions taken in the past 72 hours, workers have requested that there be a vote set to modify, affirm, or seal the attached "Written Reprimand" of SFRPD General Manager Phil Ginsburg.
Over the past several City Committee meetings, items on the agenda related to professionalism, accountability, District Captains, Apprenticeship, and promotion/support have been flushed out by the group resulting in the action taken last week by unanimous vote. (note: actual date - March 20, 2013.)
For information:

Monday, January 14, 2013

City Committee meets - 1/23/2013 3:30pm @261

City & County of San Francisco - Shop Stewards

Chief Stewards:
1.Nikki Mixon, Chair
2.Joan Vellutini
3.Edison Fincher
4.Dan Feerick
5.Zac Salem
6.Anthony Travis

7.Alejandro Alvarez - MTA
8. Peter Andrews - RPD
9. LaVonda Williams - DPW
10. Hetch Hetchy Steward**
11. Nadine Boyd - PUC
12. Bruce Ricci - RPD
13. James Cededon - MTA
14. Joseph Chmielewski - RPD
15. Jose De La Mora - SFIA
16. Juan Rivera - RPD
17. Keith Roberts - RPD
18. David Gibbs - Port
19. Tim Looney - DPW
20. Sean Healy - DPW
21. Alma Valenzuela - DPW
22. Kevin Jackson - RPD
23. David Weidner - SFIA
24. John Ford - SFIA
25. Tony Lucero - PUC
26. Douglas Martino - RPD
27. Noflis McCullough - DPW
28. Sunol - PUC**
29. Daniel Grogg - RPD
30. John Raulli - RPD

Patti Birmingham, SFUSD
Steve Peterson, C.C.S.F.

Mariano De La Torre
Salvador Villalobos
Derrick Breaux

**- indicates a vacancy at specific location

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

City College Update - BCTC Negotiator Mike Theriault

Brothers and Sisters,

Our negotiating meeting with City College scheduled for this Friday, 4 January 2013, is canceled.

At today's meeting the College presented its current financial situation.  It is looking for savings in the next six months because of a decrease in State payments due to declining enrollment.  It figures our unit's share of these savings as $54,722.  The College will be laying off one painter in two weeks.  Over the next six months this layoff will save the College $52,000.  Our position is that the difference between the actual savings to be achieved by the layoff and the savings sought by the College is inconsequential and so that we should not have to contribute more.  The furlough days to which we agreed in our last negotiations are already sacrifice enough by our members.  The College's negotiators will take this position to the Board of Trustees.

The College also wishes to begin negotiations in the first week of February for a successor agreement.  They will provide us possible dates soon.  They have already sent an opening proposal, which has been sunshined at the Board of Trustees.  I will forward it separately.  I will draft a very general opening proposal for our side and send it to you for comment and/or approval.


Mike Theriault

Saturday, December 15, 2012

LiUNA! Local 261 Celebrates - 5th Annual, Honoring Sister Joan Vellutini

LiUNA!, Local 261 PEC celebrates 2013 Honoree Joan Vellutini with Mayor Ed Lee & Board President David Chiu. Thank you to those who joined us to celebrate Joan, including District Attorney George Gascon, Supervisor David Campos, Supervisor Scott Weiner, Supervisor Mark Farrell, Supervisor Norman Yee, Harlan Kelly, SFPUC Commission President Art Torres, PUC Commissioner Anson Moran, Anthony Urbina (SMW 104,) Tim Donovan (IBEW6,) Olga Miranda (SEIU87,) Tom O'Connor & Officers (IAFF 798,) Pat Mulligan (Carpenters22,) Susan Leal, Al Casciato, Martin Gran, Elouise Patton, Jake McGoldrick, James Bryant, Rhonda Simmons, Tom Hsieh, Bob Arns, Chris Gruwell and the Platinum Advisors, Josh Arce, Christine DeBerry, Rosario Anaya, Wilbert Lucas, RPD Commissioner Tom Harrison, RPD GM Phil Ginsburg, DPW DDO Larry Stringer, DPW Director Mohammed Nuru, PUC AGM Mike Carlin, Jason Elliott, Tony Winnicker, Terrence Jones, Marianne Bertuccelli, and the many other friends of the LiUNA!, Local 261 PEC.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Holiday Message to the Men & Women of Local 261 from RPD GM Phil Ginsburg

Dear Local 261 Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, thanks for all you do to support our City's beloved parks and recreation facilities. It's been a great year for parks. San Francisco voters overwhelmingly supported the Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond and the Trust for Public Land named San Francisco the number 1 urban park system in America. Our successes reflect the collective work of our dedicated staff, our elected officials, volunteers, community organizations and individuals who all see the value in having a world-class park system and who have played a role in supporting our efforts throughout the past year.

Local 261 has been instrumental in our successes this past year and we could not be more grateful for our valued partnership.

We invite you to view our report to the community for Fiscal Year 2011-12, which provides an overview of the great work our department has been doing during the past year. Read about what's happening in your parks, our recreation program highlights, and how we're working to keep your parks clean, safe and beautiful.

Wishing you every opportunity to get out and play this holiday season and throughout a happy and healthy 2013.


Phil Ginsburg
General Manager

San Francisco Recreation and Park Department | City & County of San Francisco
McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park | 501 Stanyan Street | San Francisco, CA | 94117

(415) 831-2701 |

Vince Courtney
Special Assistant to the Business Manager
LiUNA!, Northern California District Council of Laborers
4780 Chabot Drive, Suite 200
Pleasanton, CA 94588
Cellular: 415-810-4500
Telephone: 925-460-5990
Facsimile: 925-460-5996

Business Rep./Political Captain, LiUNA!, Local 261
3271 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Monday, October 29, 2012

Laborers' Local 261 City Committee: PARK MEASURE DESERVES SUPPORT - Yes on B!

Dear Friends:

San Francisco families have benefitted greatly from San Francisco's amazing parks, playgrounds and play fields.   With Election Day just 8 days away, I am asking that you give something back.   Proposition B, a measure to make our parks even better needs your support.  Requiring 67% support, this measure will likely win or lose by a small number of votes.  Please email send this email (edit as you see fit to personalize) to 20 or more of your own friends that vote in SF encouraging them to be sure to VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION B.

Thank you for loving your parks,


Whether you read a book on park bench, take your children to the playground, walk your dog in the park, listen to live music in Golden Gate Park or play a game of soccer on our fields, chances are you use our parks every week.
Now you can support your parks on Tuesday November 6th by voting YES on Prop B.
Proposition B, the 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond on this November’s ballot will help the City tackle over $1 billion in infrastructure needs throughout our vast park and playground network.  
Proposition B improves existing facilities that are worn out from years of use; provides urgently needed seismic improvements that will make recreation facilities and playground equipment safer; constructs new waterfront parks; provides for shoreline restoration, replaces broken irrigation systems, and renovates failing playgrounds, and pools.   
In keeping with City policy, this bond will be funded as existing bonds get paid off, resulting in NO increase to property tax rates.
Prop B is widely supported by Senator Dianne Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, Senator Mark Leno, Mayor Ed Lee, the entire Board of Supervisors and School Board, the SF Democratic Party, the SF Labor Council, The League of Conservation Voters, the Trust for Public Land, The San Francisco Parks Alliance, The San Francisco Chronicle and the Bay Guardian.
You can view a full list of endorsers and a list of projects at
Prop B requires 2/3rd voter approval, so we can’t take anything for granted. This will be an extremely close election, so it is critical that you vote and you encourage your friends and family to vote Yes on B.  Don’t just vote for President and turn in your ballot, vote for Prop B and the future of your neighborhood park!
There’s still time to get involved to help Pass Prop B. Here’s what you can do:
Send this email to your network. Tell them how important Prop B is to the future of our parks and to San Franciscans of all ages.
Email us at to get involved, or call 415.516.9043.
Thank you for your support!
P.S. If you are voting by mail, make sure to mail your ballot no later than Friday 11/2. If the Department of Elections receives your ballot after Election Day, it will not count. If you don’t mail your ballot by Friday, walk it into any polling place.