Friday, April 17, 2009

City and Union inch closer to tentative understanding for ratification date!

The City and Union have concluded sessions for the week by reaching more agreements on the way to, what may end up being the final week or two of direct talks with DHR representatives and Department representatives. We have managed to tentatively agree to matters which relate to Global positioning data, staffing level protections, volunteer language, entry and step levels, securing the dependent health care maintenance of benefit levels, and Personal Services Contracts among other things.

"At this point despite the City's hard line on economics, there is no question in my mind that we are achieving all that we can during theses critical sessions."
- Adrian Field City Negotiations Team Chair

We have had lengthy discussions about implementation of a NON-RANDOM drug testing program (for new hires, post accident, and based on specific criteria for "reasonable" suspicion of being intoxicated at work,) that have resulted in cautious progress by the parties toward improvement. Of particular concern will be the City's ability to get all similarly situated labor unions to agree to a similar testing mechanism to complement the current "fitness for duty" model. We have also discussed at length the need for increased stewardship, coordination, and liasoning that is unique to our bargaining unit activities.

Critical collective bargaining sessions will take place next week. We will be prepared to go ten or more hours on both April 22nd and 24th.
April 22, 2009 -
10am: Adrian Field, Theresa Foglio, Manny Bustos, Alex Alvarez, Larry Montoya, Edison Fincher, Jose De La Mora
(Vince Courtney, David De La Torre)
( Bids, Captains, Ombudsman, Drugs, etc.)

April 24, 2009 -
10am: Adrian Field, Theresa Foglio, Joan Vellutini, Terry McDevitt, Nikki Mixon,
(Oscar De La Torre, Vince Courtney)
( Drugs, Stewards, etc.)

Oscar has asked that following these sessions and in the absence of a new schedule;
Adrian Field, Theresa Foglio, Nikki Mixon, and Joan Vellutini remain "on call" with the Union.

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