Thursday, June 11, 2009

WILLIAM HAMMOND HALL AWARD ARRIVES! Reception June 26, 2009 McLaren Lodge 3:00pm!

After many months of planning, coordination, and effort, the Recreation and Parks Department, the RPD Commission, the Laborers' International Union, Local 261, and the San Francisco Parks Trust are having a reception & refreshments to recognize Park Department personnel and recipients of the William Hammond Hall Award during this, FIRST ANNUAL RECOGNITION RECEPTION!

Mayor Gavin Newsom initiated the recognition along with Oscar De La Torre and the LiUNA! Local 261 City Committee to recognize the many ways that Local 261 members work with, coordinate, and enhance the Park experience for advocacy groups, volunteer parties, nonprofit activities, and Park Lovers in general in furtherance of such vital ongoing public/private partnership efforts! Our City Gardeners voted to name the Award for William Hammond Hall who designed our Golden Gate Park.

Initially, while RPD management and staff worked with stakeholders to get the multiple programs off the ground through these efforts, the folks at SF Connect participated in a huge way by securing the gift certificates for the Awardees from Scoma's Restaurant in San Francisco. Local 261's Joan Vellutini (Golden Gate Park) became the very first recipient under the Green Connect model.

In late 2007, the Recreation and Parks Commission adopted its own Resolution establishing the Award and Event.

RPD Commissioner, Tom Harrison, Commission Secretary Margaret MacArthur, and Vince Courtney of Local 261 met regularly as a subcommittee to finalize the plaque for display and to address many of the details.

Shortly thereafter, the SF Parks Trust Board took the reigns and luckily have committed to carry forward this important tradition at the Recreation and Parks Department for all to enjoy!

Now, all we ask is that you join us June 26, 2009 at 3:00pm to check in with our Interim General Manager Jared Blumenfeld and celebrate our Parks, our Members, our Friends and, these great efforts.

Please join us!

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