Wednesday, January 2, 2013

City College Update - BCTC Negotiator Mike Theriault

Brothers and Sisters,

Our negotiating meeting with City College scheduled for this Friday, 4 January 2013, is canceled.

At today's meeting the College presented its current financial situation.  It is looking for savings in the next six months because of a decrease in State payments due to declining enrollment.  It figures our unit's share of these savings as $54,722.  The College will be laying off one painter in two weeks.  Over the next six months this layoff will save the College $52,000.  Our position is that the difference between the actual savings to be achieved by the layoff and the savings sought by the College is inconsequential and so that we should not have to contribute more.  The furlough days to which we agreed in our last negotiations are already sacrifice enough by our members.  The College's negotiators will take this position to the Board of Trustees.

The College also wishes to begin negotiations in the first week of February for a successor agreement.  They will provide us possible dates soon.  They have already sent an opening proposal, which has been sunshined at the Board of Trustees.  I will forward it separately.  I will draft a very general opening proposal for our side and send it to you for comment and/or approval.


Mike Theriault

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