Friday, May 1, 2009

Laborers' Union/City can't get it done. More sessions next week!

San Francisco: Today, following an all day session, the Union and the City both agreed that we were too far apart to finalize Department level negotiations. Sticking points were significant enough to move towards more bargaining sessions. Highlights of the day included lengthy discussions about job/shift bidding at the Port, SFPUC, and MTA. Also, agreements were reached regarding the incorporation of the current recognition programs, as well as a new Joint Labor Management City Committee which gives great promise in terms of addressing many of the issues that the City has classified as not subject to the collective bargaining process.
(pictured: Oscar De La Torre and the team tentatively agree to unique Labor/Management Committee.)

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261 City Committee Admin said...

Tuesday: The City Committee negotiations team (Adrian, Theresa, Terry, Joan, and Nikki,) have concluded negotiations with Department personnel. Among other things loose ends were tied up, other agreements were incorporated, Tree Climbing Seminar is underway, and remaining items to be resolved tomorrow at City Hall with all ten team members, Oacar De La Torre and Vince Courtney.