Friday, May 1, 2009

Union continues to Fight Against Layoffs at SFDPW, SFPUC, and SFRPD.

Martin Gran, Employee Relations Division
Department of Human Resources
City and County of San Francisco
One South Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103-5413
Re: CCSF & LIUNA, Local 261 Layoffs
Dear Mr. Gran:
Pursuant to the MOU, I am appealing at Step III to the Department of Public Works’ denial of the grievance filed which relates to the most recent layoffs at the SFDPW Chavez Street location.
Notices were recently sent to approximately 30 General Laborers (7514,) which would result in the reduction of their work week from 40 to 20 hours effective Today. Unfortunately, this resulted in “bumping” of employees at, so far, the PUC and Recreation and Parks Department. Although, it appears that most of these notices have been “picked up” in one way or another, the Union’s position is that any employee in any Department who suffered economic loss as a result of the MOU violation shall be made whole through this process.
As always, you may contact me by cellular telephone to discuss (415) 810-4500.

Vince Courtney, City Representative

Cc Local 261 City Committee

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