Wednesday, April 25, 2012

City Committee Update

Thank you to everybody who made it to the City Committee Update today. We will be negotiating at RPD all day tomorrow, and back at the Local Union Friday. We are requesting RPD Reps only tomorrow (along with Chair Mixon,) and all other team members and our Chair on Friday. Thank you to Joan, Norflis, and Steve for filling in as Chairman as well during a few of our sessions. We anticipate presenting a tentative Agreement within the next two weeks. In the event it is rejected by our rank & file, an Arbitration hearing has been scheduled for May 7, 2012, (we will have information by then, from other arbitration decisions...hearings which are already underway.) We are contemplating mechanisms for voting in remote locations (Hetch-Hetchy, SFIA, Sunol, ) and may be able to provide a ballot box for those areas as well. The bargaining team will continue to make all efforts to negotiate the best possible language for the Laborers' Union membership.
cellular/text: (415) 810-4500

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