Friday, April 13, 2012

City & Union Meet to Today on Matters Concerning SFPUC, SFMTA, SFIA, & The SF Port. City-wide proposal updates also to come.

Today the Union & City will continue talks as we approach our scheduled arbitration. Ramon Hernandez and Theresa Foglio will coordinate the conversation while DeShelia Mixon continues as the Chair. Matters and topics (in addition to outstanding information requests made by the Union,) include premium pay provisions, healthcare, and shifts/hours. Alex Alvarez, Jose De La Mora, Anthony Travis, Dave Gibbs, and Tyrone Burney have been released from their respective Department assignments in order to negotiate on the Union's behalf.

A proposed additional bargaining schedule is on the table, while the City has authorized an informational meeting with the SFRPD 3422 class this Tuesday 12:00pm at the Randall Museum.

Updates: cellular/text: (415) 810-4500

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