Wednesday, December 31, 2008

261 Committee Members moving 2009 Bids (SFRPD & SFDPW) to become final!

Brothers & Sisters:
Bid Committees in each Department are working toward finalizing the Shift Bids for 2009. These are very important negotiations that take place pursuant to the appendix of our MOU that benefit the membership a great deal. Our Thanks go out to Joan Vellutini, Adrian Rojo, Hugh McDermott, Bob Nastor, Terry McDevitt of RPD and Edison Fincher, Theresa Foglio, Nikki Mixon, Robert Stafford, and Dan Feerick of DPW. We will be working towards expanding the practice in other Departments. Please try to attend monthly meetings to keep up to date on our collective progress.


261 City Committee Admin said...

RPD Tent. Rules Update:

Find Rules Here!

261 City Committee Admin said...

The Union's Chief Stewards have met with DPW management on numerous occasions already regarding the 2009 bids.

So far, we have the following on the table from our last meeting of 12/02/2008.

* Layoffs 2009
* Negative five (5) M-F shifts.
* MQ's Cement Shop
* MQ's BUF
* MQ's BBR
* Supe II bid - "Apprentice coordinator"

* 1/2 hour lunch for zones, specials, graffitti, etc.
* 4/10s
* Nite broom support
* BUF footnotes -respirators/90lb requirement
* Supe IIs to bid

Tentative Agreements:
BBR: Two positions for 7514's to be included on 2009 bid (subject to availability to work on weekends and evenings)
Cement Shop: Approx 20 positions to be included on 2009 bid (subject to MQ's to be incorporated onto bid sheets as other 261 Steward Dan Feerick and Cement Shop Supe II to report back to Committee on language. (100lbs and?))

Please advise re: next meeting dates available.

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