Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chair and Chiefs rollout 2009/2010 PEC plan!

At the Annual Meeting for the Public Employee City Committee, The membership chose Larry Montoya (SFPORT,) Jose De La Mora (SFIA,) Manuel Bustos (SFPUC,) and Alejandro Alvarez (MTA,) to work with the Chair, Chief Stewards and Oscar De La Torre, Vince Courtney, and David De La Torre on 2009/2010 Contract negotiations by collecting all non-economic proposals for consideration at the Law/Leg sub-committee (Chair McDEvitt) for recommendations to the full body. Field, Foglio, & McDevitt to be Co-Chairs of the new Negotiations Committee. The current MOU expires on June 30, 2009!


261 City Committee Admin said...

12/19/2008 261 Negotiators' Meeting:
Yesterday, The 261 2009/2010Contract Negotiations Committee met briefly and discussed Vince Courtney's meeting with the City's assigned negotiator for the Laborers, Winnie Anderson. Among other things, Anderson has experience on both sides of the table including a stint with SEIU.

Edison, Terry, Theresa, Nikki, Manny, and Larry, all met with David De La Torre an Vince Courtney to discuss a format for discussion which will take place with the City next month.

In the mentime, all encourage the submission of contract proposals that primarily fall into 3 specific criteria:

1.) Items which are language modifications of current provisons of the agreement ie: change "may" to "shall." (possible classification based language propsals);
2.) Items which come from other agreements with the City, or that came from prior agreements between L261 & the City;
3.) Integration of new items that could increase economic opportunities in the future, (including items related to wages, hours, and working conditions.)

261 City Committee Admin said...

For Negotiations purposes, please note the following:

December 31, 2008
Re: Laborers 261 - Great West Retirement Services

Martin Gran SFDHR/ERD:

The Union has learned via payroll information that the Employer has unilaterally replaced ING with the above referenced for the purpose of administering the City employees' Deferred Compensation Plan.

We request to meet and confer to discuss, who met with the provider, how management fees, maintenance fees and investment options were determined. Who selected the provider and from how many potential suitors for the employee/employer assets. Whether the Vanguard was considered or researched.

And whether the Plan Document itself was amended to reflect new beneficial changes in the law (IRC 457) since the last plan document was amended.

Please advise.

Vince Courtney
City Representative/Political Captain
Laborers' International Union, Local 261
3271 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 810-4500
(415) 826-4550 office
(415) 826-1948 fax

261 City Committee Admin said...


(Message from ERD)
Vince --

I inquired about the selection of Great West Services.

The process of selecting an new Third Party Administrator (TPA) began in the summer of 2007. Requests for bid (RFP) went out and final selection of TPA occurred at the September 9, 2008 Retirement Board meeting. (All proper notice reqirements were met.) Vanguard declined to bid on the TPA assignment.

Please let me know if you need additional information.


Martin R. Gran
Director, Employee Relations Division
Department of Human Resources