Monday, March 15, 2010

City Committee Negotiators Back to the Bargaining Table at City Hall this Thursday Night!

Today, following the Rally for Jobs at City Hall, we met with the San Francisco Labor Council Public Employee Coalition at IFPTE, Local 21. Mike Thieriault of the SF Building Trades, Tim Paulson of the SF Labor Council, Mayor Newsom's Chief of Staff, Steve Kawa, DHR Chief Micki Callahan, and ERD Director Martin Gran were just a few of those in attendance.
Many Public Sector Union representatives were present if not most. There were lengthy discussions related to the fiscal picture as well as talks surrounding topics such as staffing, accountability and efficiency. The parties will continue to talk and Local 261 will continue to be involved in all discussions. Meanwhile, our negotiations committee has committed to forward progress on alternatives to the 37.5/hr work week.
To all of you who showed up at City Hall today, it was an absolutely perfect effort. The message was heard and the Laborers' Union was certainly recognized by all.

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