Friday, March 12, 2010

Local 261 Negotiations Team, Ramon Hernandez, and Tim Paulson of the SF Labor Council meet to move forward!

City Hall: Friday March 12, 2010
On the same day Mayor Newsom officially declared his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor, the Union and the City met for over two hours to discuss the current "proposal" which has taken on a life of its own in recent weeks. LiUNA! Local 261 Business Manager Ramon Hernandez, and Executive Director of the SF Labor Council Tim Paulson also joined us. Throughout this process the Mayor's Office has consistently maintained that the layoff/rehire (37.5 hour "part time" work week,) was the current proposal and that he invited Labor to engage him in the "process" of coming up with alternatives to address the massive (522 million dollar budget shortfall.) By an overwhelming majority of membership vote, the MOU (which expired on June 30, 2011,) was opened so that the Union would have an opportunity to "counter" the 37.5 hour work week plan. All workers who weighed in had hoped for an alternative that would result in Mandatory Time Off (MTO or furlough days.)
Although an actual agreement is far from being reached, the Parties are very, very, close.
"At this point, it appears to me that the Mayor has kept his promise to listen to the Unions who truly desire to work together to come up with an alternative to the layoff/rehire scenario in order to avoid all of the unnecessary (and unintended,) consequences while honestly addressing the Budget reality. We are very, very close."
- Vince Courtney, Labor Rep. LiUNA! Local 261
On Thursday afternoon, Local 261 Representatives Adrian Field and Deshelia Mixon met with the Labor coalition as the group highlighted topics for discussion with the Mayor throughout this process. SFLC Executive Director Tim Paulson and a handful of Labor Representatives also met with the Mayor to move toward common ground the same day.
"The numbers appear to be real. As an alternative, the City is looking for valuable Labor Concessions (roughly 6.25% for the fiscal year.) While still painful, if we can deal with these issues on a year to year basis, whether that be a 1, 2, or three year deal it would be much better for the membership and City moving forward...nobody wants to be "part time."
- Adrian Field, LiUNA!, Local 261 PEC Chair
Because the Local 261 MOU is officially open, the Committee also addressed;
RFPs at RPD, OLSE appeals, "Bargaining Unit Work" the Supe II, Horticulture Apprenticeship, The Education Fund, Seniority, Retiree Health, Camp Mather, Lead Worker, Stimulus Workers, and Ballot initiatives and various revenue ideas.

The Parties meet again next Thursday afternoon.

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