Monday, March 1, 2010

UPDATE: City continues to move forward while SF Labor Coalition looks for a continued unified front.

On Wednesday, the Chief Stewards will meet with the City to get answers to questions that the members have indicated need to be addressed in light of the layoff notices. Such as:
1) Will "rehire" be done on a seniority basis?
2) Will 37 1/2 hour workweek constitute a "part time" status?
3) If "part time", what contract language/CSC rules govern?
4) If "part time", what state labor code(s) governs?
5) What is duration of "new" scenario?
6) If duration is (infinity,) then, subject to collective bargaining?
7) For new hires, orientation & Union orient critical? (Union bust???)
8) Sick day, floaters, pension?
9) Health care - COBRA?

We will continue to stay in concert with the SF Labor Council Public Employee Committee in an effort to have maximum effect with these critical discussions.

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