Thursday, November 15, 2007

SF Mayor, SF RPD Commission, Laborers' Local 261 Establish Recognition Award for Gardeners.

November 15, 2007
Gavin Newsom, Mayor
Recreation and Park CommissionMinutes
November 15, 2007

President Martin called the meeting of the Recreation and Park Commission to order on November 1, 2007 at 2:06 p.m. On motion by Commissioner Harrison and duly seconded, the following resolution was unanimously adopted:
RES. NO. 0711-011
WHEREAS, Green Connect is a community of residents, businesses, non-profit organizations and city agencies dedicated to improving the environment for all San Franciscans and
WHEREAS, through existing volunteer activities and pilot programs participants improve and plant neighborhood parks, street gardens, street trees and other public spaces, and
WHEREAS, Laborers Local 261 and its many partners strive to increase public and private support for and commitment to, the restoration and improved maintenance of our neighborhood parks, playgrounds and recreation facilities, and
WHEREAS, the members of L.I.U.N.A, Local 261 run the union, elect the officers, set priorities and are the key to growth and success, they maintain and care for the cities City’s green resources and strengthen the community ties that enhance the everyday experience of city living, and
WHEREAS, the Office of Mayor Gavin Newsom, the Department of Public Works, the Recreation and Park Department, San Francisco Environment, Grant, Scott, & Hurley, Laborers' Local 261, Friends of the Urban Forest, the San Francisco Botanical Garden, the San Francisco Unified School District, the Clean City Coalition, the San Francisco Parks Trust, Lifeframes, Inc. and A Living Library, Friends of the Urban Forest, comprise the Green Connect Steering Committee, and
WHEREAS, the Steering Committee being responsible for developing the vision and overall direction for the program has provided general oversight and continued evaluation of the progress and effectiveness of the various projects undertaken in each area, and enlisted the Citywide Gardening Staff of Laborers Local 261 to assist and participate in the layout, sketch, design, implementation and administration of the Mission and projects of the program as volunteers, and
WHEREAS, the committee has chosen to establish and recognize the Union’s gardeners for their efforts beyond the call of duty with a monthly award and dinner at Scoma’s with the understanding that the Recreation and Parks Commission may establish the award, participate in its administration on an on-going basis and have the award affixed to the west wall in the foyer at 501 Stanyan Street for all to enjoy; therefore be it
RESOLVED, that the Recreation and Parks Commission does hereby establish the Recreation and Park Commission /Local 261/SF Connect “Gardener of the Month” Recognition/Award program and accepts a gift from Laborers International Union Local 261 of a trophy and/or plaque for the program valued at approximately $2,000.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Newsom Helps keep 261's Pothole workers at SFDPW.

From the Examiner
Mayor Gavin Newsom came out swinging for his budget priorities — and against his board nemesis Supervisor Chris Daly — at a rally attended by hundreds of people on the steps of City Hall on Wednesday.

Last week, Daly introduced a motion that would slash $37 million in funding from the mayor’s proposed city budget and redirect the money toward housing and health services. The spending cuts include $6.4 million for street resurfacing, $3 million for salaries of one police academy class, $2.5 million for street-tree planting, $1.7 million for pothole repairs, $500,000 for a small-business assistance center, and $700,000 to jumpstart a new court program in the Tenderloin for low-level offenses including aggressive panhandling.

“We are here fighting to keep these priorities,” Newsom told the crowd. “This is just the beginning of the process. If you go away, this supervisor will succeed in eliminating all of these programs.”

The event, organized by the Mayor’s Office and also promoted on his re-election campaign Web site, drew groups ranging from the Chamber of Commerce to members of Local 261, the Laborers International Union. The nonprofit Friends of the Urban Forest featured several members dressed as trees.

Chamber of Commerce Vice President Jim Lazarus said he was concerned about Daly’s attempt and its timing.

“I’ve never seen a budget process where proposed cuts and reappropriations are basically put forward as a motion on the front end, before the budget analyst’s report, before department hearings. It’s unbelievable.”

In the crowd, several dozen members of Newsom’s staff helped keep the cheering up. Some members of the crowd held up hand-painted signs that were coordinated — after work hours, according to the mayor’s spokesperson — by the head of the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services.

Even Daly attended, albeit briefly, riding by on his bicycle on the way to another engagement, he said.

“Considering Gavin put the whole weight of the Mayor’s Office and the re-election campaign behind it, it was pretty weak,” Daly said.

Daly was originally scheduled to hold a dueling press conference at the same place and time but sent out a press release Tuesday canceling his event, as well as Wednesday’s meeting of the Board of Supervisors’ Budget and Finance Committee at which his spending proposal was to be discussed.

Daly on Tuesday said he was canceling the meeting due to his concern that Newsom’s rally was illegally using city resources for what was in essence a campaign event.

Newsom rejected Daly’s charges and said it was appropriate for him to advance his budget priorities. Newsom also said he believed Daly canceled the budget committee meeting because he didn’t have the votes to pass his motion.

Daly conceded that some members of the budget committee, while supporting the affordable housing funding he has championed, are also “concerned about the cut list,” and he said he has been working with some members to come up with “a package they would be more comfortable with.”