Friday, October 31, 2014

GET OUT THE VOTE! Sat 9:30am/Tues. 4:00pm

There was a time not long ago where San Francisco City Hall simply did not get things done.  David Campos was a big part of that time.  Since then Officials like Mayor Lee, David Chiu and a few others have decided to roll up their sleeves and do what's best for all of San Francisco.  Show your support at the polls on November 4.  VOTE FOR DAVID CHIU because we simply can't afford to go backwards!
(415) 810-4500 vm/text

Thursday, October 30, 2014

We Fight, We Win! GOTV - Final Push

Brothers and Sisters,
At 9:00 a.m. this Saturday 1 November we will mobilize at the union hall of Laborers 261, 3271 18th Street, for a push in District 10 (Potrero Hill, Bayview, and Visitacion Valley) on behalf of David Chiu for Assembly and Malia Cohen for Supervisor.  This is a key seat for us on the Board of Supervisors and a key district in the race for Assembly.

Please turn out and turn others out.

We will also be doing get-out-the-vote activities on election day itself.  Watch your emails for details.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

IMPORTANT PHONE BANKING - 10:00am October 25, 2014.

Dear Members of the Laborers Political Action Committee,

As the November 4, 2014 election approaches, we are going all out to make sure that our friend, Supervisor David Chiu, wins his election for the 17th Assembly District of California, and that our Labor friendly supervisors, Mark Farrell, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener and Katy Tang, are re-elected.  We also have very important measures on the ballot this November and need your help to win.

Supervisor David Chiu and our other friends on the Board of Supervisors have stood up for us against constant opposition, and supported the pro-jobs agenda that put our members back to work and put food on the table for our families. We want them to see that we will will stand up for them in return, in the streets, on the phones and at the ballot box.  

On Saturday, October 25, we will be phone banking beginning at 10 AM, at Laborers Local 261's union hall, instead of at 11 Grove Street.  

Our political action organizing program is growing in strength, and we are being joined in these efforts by the Carpenters, Sheet Metal Workers, Ironworkers, Sprinkler Fitters, United Food & Commercial Workers, SEIU-UHW Healthcare Workers, SF Building Trades Council, SFPOA, Firefighters and other unions and businesses who are part of the Alliance/SFSAC coalition.  

October 25 is the day for the Laborers to hit the phones and let other people know that if WE FIGHT, WE WIN!

Laborers Local 261

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bargaining continues - Sunday 10:00

City & County of San Francisco – Collective Bargaining 2014
May 4, 2014

City Proposals
City 3 – Public Outreach - Striking language (we want 2% for homeless camp abatement)
City 14 – Work Clothing – must wear if provided
City 15 – Health Care
City 16 – Lead worker – city now has included alt. workers (need counter 3 from 4) apprentice (1)
City 19 – OT – crafts may have at arbitration
City 22 – SFRPD Bid (same language as DPW has in Appendix)
City 23 – Parking (suppose to be MTA)
City 27 – Wages

Union Proposals
Union 3 – City Committee
Union 11 – Hudson (not in SEIU checking with City Attorney must remove)
Union 16 – 3424 & 3435 (side letter see Nikki)
Union 21 – Bargaining Unit Work (apprentice/pre-apprentice)
Union 22 – Mutual Trades RPD (City to come with side letter)
Union 26 – Wages (me too plus 2)
Union 33 – Pryamiding (clarification language)
Union 39 - Harding Golf 3417 acting 3419 & SFIA pour, sceed, finish 10%)
Union 40 – contracting out or termination of facilities (no loss of pay)
Union 42 – Power Tool Premium (raise to $2.00)
Union 48 – Main gang premium
Union 49 & 50 – Park services captain (city to give side letter for transparency)
Union 54 – Sewer Worker Premium (L261 counter w/20% all hours & career path)
Union 55 – Apprenticeship (incorporation of DIR agreement, LEA, Board)
Union 65 – 3410 Mini Parks
Union 66 - 3410 Hub
Union 73 – 3410 like pay/like work
Union 76 – OT (sick leave shall be excluded/City 19)
Union 79 – 2 additional floating holidays
Union 80 – time off for voting NLRA
Union 85 – Sick Leave Ordinance (as needed to fall under City ordinance)
Union 88 - $100,000 for McLaren Park Apprenticeship (IPO Mayors Program)
Union 89 – Ombudsman
Union 94 – Protective Clothing (me too, CDD cold weather coats/city to give side letter)
Union 100 – Necessary Tools, Vehicle Audits, DPW bigscreen at RPD
Union 102 – Vacation Sign ups (RPD city to give side letter FIX IT!!!!)
Union 103 – Different vests for alt. workers (city to give side letter)
Union 105 – Staffing levels (City to give side letter)
Union 109 – Montoya Awards $1200
Union 110 – William Hammond Hall $1200


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Union Negotiations Team sets Informational Meetings for Membership. April 2nd, & April 4th.

For members who work at the SF Department of Public Works, SFMTA, SFPUC, Port of San Francisco, and all others, the Union negotiations team will make a full report at the Old Clamhouse April 4, 2014.

Liuna!/CCSF Proposal cutoff date reached. Union team begins organizing arguments 1 thru 111, not including Counters.

For members who work at the SF International Airport, SFPUC Milbrae, and the Recreation and Parks Department, the Union negotiations team will make a full report at Park Chalet April 2, 2014.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Bargaining timeline:
The City's negotiations follow a process and timeline prescribed by the City Charter, which results in contracts going before the Board of Supervisors for approval by May 15. Charter section A8.409 lays out the process for almost all non-safety employee groups, along with impasse procedures should the parties fail to reach agreement during negotiations. With few exceptions, in situations when the union and the City can't agree on a contract, the parties present their cases to a neutral third party whose decisions are binding on both parties. This process benefits the City, the unions, and the public by eliminating the disruptions caused by strikes.

Early February: Meet and greet sessions to establish bargaining calendar, set dates for exchanging proposals
Late February: Exchange opening proposals
Early March: Agreed upon last day to advance proposals
April 25: Last date for arbitration hearings for unions that do not waive 10-day cooling off period
April 29: Target deadline for arbitration awards for unions that do not waive the 10-day cooling off period
May 7: Last date for arbitration hearings for unions that waive the 10-day cooling off period and who are going to arbitration
May 9: Date by which agreement should be reached for unions who reach agreement without going to arbitration
May 9: Deadline to File MOUs with the Board of Supervisors for unions who do not waive the 10-day cooling off period (Note May 10, 2014 falls on a Saturday)
May 12: Target deadline for arbitration awards for unions who waived the 10-day cooling off period and went to arbitration
May 15: Deadline to file MOUs with the Board of Supervisors


Thursday, March 20, 2014

LiUNA! Local 261/City Negotiations Gain Momentum.

Be sure to check in with a Union Shop Steward or attend one of the many informational meetings for members at the Union Hall.  Proposal cutoff date is March 27, 2014.
Remember to schedule accordingly these important upcoming informational Happy Hour reports & discussions:

1000 Great Highway, GOLDEN GATE PARK
April 2, 2014 3:30pm

April 3, 2014 3:15pm

299 Bayshore Boulevard, SF, CA 94124
April 4, 2014 3:30pm

In Solidarity.
LiUNA! 261

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2014 Bargaining Schedule

Please see the below collective bargaining schedule:

2/6 Meet and greet: Laborers Hall
2/20 session (9-12): DHR (Bayview)
2/27 session (9-12): DHR (Bayview)
3/4 session (9-5): Laborers Hall
3/6 session (9-12) DHR (Bayview)
3/12 session (10-2): Laborers Hall
3/17 session (10:30-2): Laborers Hall
3/19 session (11:30-5): Special exception DHR (See below)
3/27 session (9-11): DHR (Bayview)
4/3 session (9-5): Laborers Hall
4/9 session (9-5): Laborers Hall
4/11 session (9-5): Laborers Hall
4/16 session (9-2): Laborers Hall
4/24 session (9-1): Laborers Hall
4/28 session (9-5) and 4/29 (9-5): Laborers Hall

LABORERS' Union Public Employees - Underway for Collective Bargaining with City.