Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Message from Ben Rosenfield: Payroll Issue, 7/15-7/16 split payroll

As you are likely aware, the City processes a "split" payments to employees for the period that spans the end of one fiscal year and the beginning of the next one.  This results in two payments to employees instead of the typical single biweekly payment.  For the most recent fiscal year, the first half of this "split" pay period was paid to employees on July 15th and the second half will be paid on July 16th

 Employees who have established a fixed dollar value deduction from their paycheck to a credit union or other account have inadvertently had two deductions processed for this most recent split pay period, with one fixed dollar transfer processed in each of the two "split" payments.

This will not change an affected employees overall pay, only the account to which it has been credited.  The change does not affect employees with a single direct deposit account, or those with non-fixed dollar value deductions.

 Employees are encouraged to talk to their departmental payroll manager should they have questions about correction of this error.  Each credit union is aware of the situation and is available to work with affected employees to transfer these funds to other accounts or otherwise resolve the misallocation of funds between an affected employee's accounts.

 We apologize for this error, and are available to answer questions or to resolve issues as helpful.


Emily Prescott | Employee Relations Manager

Department of Human Resources | City and County of San Francisco

(415) 557-4814 | emily.prescott@sfgov.org