Thursday, December 17, 2009

Laborers' Union Local 261 City Committee celebrates Holiday Cheer with State and Local Officials, Labor Leaders, Friends of Labor and the City Family.

SF: December 17, 2009:
Tonite, Business Manager Ramon Hernandez and the Local 261 City Committee and Chief Stewards hosted a Holiday Bash that was enjoyed by all. Theresa Foglio and Nikki Mixon (along with other union officials,) worked several days prior to insure the Union's successful event for the members and their guests. Well over 100 rank and file members showed up to the "open house" and many won gift certificates at the raffle. Canned foods were contributed, twitter accounts were set up, and some registered to vote at check in. Great Brothers Larry Montoya & Bill Eagleton walked away with the grand prizes.
The Committee members were very delighted to be joined for holiday cheer by State Senator Leland Yee, Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, City Treasurer Jose Cisneros, City Assessor Phil Ting, SF Supervisors Bevan Dufty & Carmen Chu, and former SF Supervisor Jake McGoldrick, in addition to several other elected officials. Many collegues and friends from the City joined the Laborers' City Committee tonite including SF CAO Ed Lee, ERD Director Martin Gran, Director of DPW Ed Reisken, RPD GM Phil Ginsburg, Deputy Director Mohammed Nuru, Harlan Kelly, Jr., Steve Nakajima, Carla Welsh, Kevin Barry, Vitus Leung, Alex Lawrence, Hope Broadas, Illeana Samanc, Larry Stringer, Tammy Wong, Liz Lerma, Lori Regler, Cris Lui, and others.
The Public Employee Committee was also pleased to be joined by Port Commissioner Mike Hardeman, RPD Commissioners Larry Martin, Tom Harrison, Gloria Bonilla, David Lee, & Captain Al Casciato of our Retreiment Board.
Four candidates for Supervisor (District 8) had a chance to meet with Local 261 members including Rafael Mandelman, Rebecca Prozan, Laura Spanjian, and Scott Wiener. Other candidates for various offices included James Bryant (D10,) Debra "DW" Walker (D6,) Lynette Sweet (D10,) Tom Hsieh (DCCC,) & Mark Farrell (D2,) Michael Goldstein (College Trustee,) and, others.
Friends and Labor Leaders such as Tim Paulson & Connie Ford, John Hanley, Chris Cunnie, Larry Del Carlo, Marianne Bertuccelli, Ahsha Safai, Lisa Seitz-Gruel, Margaret MacArthur, Fred Naranjo, Tony Fazio, John Zervas, Victor Parra, Sam Robinson, Ignacio Castillo, Joseph Scott, Anthony Dimas, and our own Oscar De La Torre were there to enjoy the festivities.

Special Thanks to City Committee members Steven Elder, Wendy MacArthur, & John Raulli for working the entire event!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dire News comes from City Hall about Fiscal 2010/11!

Today, an emergency meeting was called by the Mayor's Office. All public sector labor organizations we present including Police, Fire, MEA, Building Trades, clerical, professional & technical, and many others. Mayor Newsom addressed the various labor leaders and illustrated several specific concerns for about twenty minutes, sat through a powerpoint presentation (attached below,) and took questions until none were left. The SF Labor Council Director Tim Paulson, has called a meeting for December 1, 2009, to again consider any and all revenue options to stop the bleeding.
See SF Usual Suspects "The Mayor, the Board, and SEIU" for headlines, and;
See November 19, 2009 Budget Powerpoint here

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Laborers Union Local 261 members like to PARTY!!! Save the Date.

LiUNA!, Local 261 Business Manager Ramon Hernandez and the Local 261 Executive Board have asked the Chief Stewards, Stewards, and Public Employee City Committee to host a Holiday Open House at the Union Hall
3271 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

on December 17, 2009 from 5-8pm.

Check back for details.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Copies of New Collective Bargaining Agreement Delayed - City Attorney Revisions not accepted yet.

Brothers & Sisters:
Many have asked for copies of the new 2009/2010 - 2010/2011 MOU. They should be available soon. In the meantime, please follow the link at the top right side of this web page to view the current language in PDF format from the City's website.
Reason for Delay Oscar/Vince won't sign: Of particular concern is the fact that;
1. Overtime Restrictive Language:
The Union and City reached a tentative agreement that was not accurately reflected in the Collective Bargaining Agreement that was voted on by the Board of Supervisors. The parties agreed to the removal of the language that held that calling in sick (or seeing a doctor) on Monday would not result in a forfeiture of OT compensation on a Saturday if you agreed to work it.
2. Drug and Alcohol *Testing (nonrandom)
The Union and City reached a tentative agreement that was not accurately reflected in the Collective Bargaining Agreement that was voted on by the Board of Supervisors.
*The City and Union appear to have reached an agreement that provides for the execution of a letter of understanding that addresses the Union's concern.

This week the SF Department of Public Works (as well as the SF Housing Authority) were subjected to significant layoff notices! The Laborers' Union will immediately file a case alleging violation of the collective bargaining agreement at Appendix 2 & 3. We will also request to expedite the case to arbitration, (it should be noted that the Union filed a similar case earlier this year, and the parties are in the process of selecting an arbitrator in pursuit of a "make whole" remedy.) If you have any question or concern, please attend the City Committee Meeting this month and raise under "new business."

Friday, July 24, 2009

LiUNA!, Local 261 City Committee Negotiations Team accepts Honors from Executive Board at RPD Headquarters this week!

Laborers’ International Union, Local 261
Resolution Honoring
The 2009 City Negotiations Team
Adrian Field, Theresa Foglio, Joan Vellutini, Nikki Mixon,
Terry McDevitt, Edison Fincher, Larry Montoya, Manny Bustos,
Alex Alvarez, and Jose De La Mora
For their Dedicated Service

Whereas, it is the objective of the Laborers International Union to promote a better understanding by government and the public of the aims and objects of this organization and the labor movement as a whole;
Whereas, It is the object of our Local Union to conduct its affairs in a manner in which would most tent to enhance, conserve, and protect the welfare and interest of the International Union, its affiliates, and members and to establish proper rules, regulations, policies and practices as it deems necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was chartered;
Whereas, the Laborer’s International Union, Local 261 commends individual members in the public sector who have chosen a career in public service and a vital and official role in their labor organization;
Whereas, the public employee members of the Laborer’s International Union Local 261 contribute to and play a vital role in our Union and community;
Whereas, as a result of the performance of their duties and responsibilities, City and County of San Francisco employees contribute to improving the quality of life for all Union employees and the City and County and our Union has benefited from the work performed by these public employee members.
Whereas, in being selected by their peers and appointed by the Business Manager pursuant to our Local Union Constitution Adrian Field, Theresa Foglio, Joan Vellutini, Terry McDevitt, Edison Fincher, Nikki Mixon, Larry Montoya, Alex Alvarez, Manny Bustos, and Jose De La Mora. carried out the Union’s vision and the Union recognizes and builds on their diversity, skills and dedication.

Now Therefore Be It Resolved, that the Executive Board of the Laborers Union of San Francisco, on behalf of all of its membership, take this opportunity to honor and pay tribute to:

2009 City Negotiations Team Members:
Adrian Field, Theresa Foglio, Joan Vellutini, Nikki Mixon,
Terry McDevitt, Edison Fincher, Larry Montoya, Manny Bustos, Alex Alvarez, and Jose De La Mora

for their dedication to the Local Union, its’ membership, and the City and County of San Francisco. Adopted this 22nd day of May 2009.
Oscar De La Torre, Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer
Ramon Hernandez, President
Jesus Villalobos, Vice-President
David De La Torre, Recording Secretary
Javier Flores, Vince Courtney, Jose De La Mora
Executive Board Members

Friday, June 26, 2009

First Annual RPD/RPD Commission/Parks Trust/Local 261 William Hammond Hall Event is a Success!

Wm Hammond Hall - First Annual RPD

McLaren Lodge, San Francisco: Today, the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department Commission, the SF Parks Trust, and Laborers' International Union, Local 261 kicked off the Annual William Hammond Hall celebration for City Gardeners.
At the event DOE Chief/Interim SFRPD GM Jared Blumenfeld introduced Karen Kidwell, Executive Director of the SF Parks Trust who spoke about our parks and William Hammond Hall. Commission President Jim Lazarus spoke about the Commission action (RES. NO. 0711-011) which lead to the establishment of the event while Commissioner Tom Harrison addressed the crowd regarding the profession and the commitment of our gardening staff.
Deputy Director of the Department of Public Works Ed Reiskin attended to celebrate the selection of Deshelia Mixon, while our new Recreation and Parks Department GM Phil Ginsburg spoke at length about his vision for the Department and his eagerness top begin working with the Gardeners and all of the stakeholders for years to come.

Local 261 Business Manager Oscar De La Torre thanked the Parks Trust, all of the recipients, membership, and Department representatives for attending while expressing gratitude to our Mayor's Office and Mayor Gavin Newsom for initiating the joint Resolution found on the Award itself.

Special thanks to Commission liaison Margaret McArthur and RPD's Marvin Yee for outstanding efforts which ensured a successful initial event!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

WILLIAM HAMMOND HALL AWARD ARRIVES! Reception June 26, 2009 McLaren Lodge 3:00pm!

After many months of planning, coordination, and effort, the Recreation and Parks Department, the RPD Commission, the Laborers' International Union, Local 261, and the San Francisco Parks Trust are having a reception & refreshments to recognize Park Department personnel and recipients of the William Hammond Hall Award during this, FIRST ANNUAL RECOGNITION RECEPTION!

Mayor Gavin Newsom initiated the recognition along with Oscar De La Torre and the LiUNA! Local 261 City Committee to recognize the many ways that Local 261 members work with, coordinate, and enhance the Park experience for advocacy groups, volunteer parties, nonprofit activities, and Park Lovers in general in furtherance of such vital ongoing public/private partnership efforts! Our City Gardeners voted to name the Award for William Hammond Hall who designed our Golden Gate Park.

Initially, while RPD management and staff worked with stakeholders to get the multiple programs off the ground through these efforts, the folks at SF Connect participated in a huge way by securing the gift certificates for the Awardees from Scoma's Restaurant in San Francisco. Local 261's Joan Vellutini (Golden Gate Park) became the very first recipient under the Green Connect model.

In late 2007, the Recreation and Parks Commission adopted its own Resolution establishing the Award and Event.

RPD Commissioner, Tom Harrison, Commission Secretary Margaret MacArthur, and Vince Courtney of Local 261 met regularly as a subcommittee to finalize the plaque for display and to address many of the details.

Shortly thereafter, the SF Parks Trust Board took the reigns and luckily have committed to carry forward this important tradition at the Recreation and Parks Department for all to enjoy!

Now, all we ask is that you join us June 26, 2009 at 3:00pm to check in with our Interim General Manager Jared Blumenfeld and celebrate our Parks, our Members, our Friends and, these great efforts.

Please join us!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Laborers' Union Members Ratify 2009/10-2010/11 Memorandum of Understanding by a wide margin!

San Francisco: Today, at the LiUNA!, Local 261 Union Hall in the Mission District members from all Departments continued in the final day of this three day process toward ratifying the CCSF/Local 261 Agreement.

The vote: 195 FOR 11 AGAINST
The SF Board of Supervisors will now take the matter up at its regular agenda for adoption.

Special thanks to Brothers Terry McDevitt, Steve Elder, Manny Bustos, Jose De La Mora, the Negotiations Committee, and all who assisted in this ratification process!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Negotiations and pre-ratification informational meetings concluded, Laborers' Union Members prepare for VOTE on 2009/10-2010/11 MOU May 11, 12, 13!

San Francisco: Union members have just concluded the pre-ratification meeting schedule. Many have asked that a card be sent in the mail and the Union is working quickly in furtherance of this effort. In the meantime, please contact as many people as you can so that we can enjoy maximum participation in the MOU vote at the Union Hall on May 11, (RPD) May 12, (DPW) and May 13 (SFO,PUC,MTA,PORT.) The Negotiations team urges a yes vote and meetings will be conducted from 11am-12pm for illustrations and questions. Members can vote any of the three days 12-5.
(pictured: Local 261 Business Manager, Oscar De La Torre signs final agreement as Adrian Field, Theresa Foglio, Nikki Mixon, Jose De La Mora, Terry McDevitt, and Joan Vellutini look on following an all day session in the Mayor's Office yesterday.)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Laborers' Union Negotiations Team Reaches Tentative Agreement on FY09/10-10/11 M.O.U.

6:00pm San Francisco City Hall:
Oscar De La Torre and the Public Employee City Committee Negotiations Team finally reached Agreement with the City on a proposed MOU to commence July 1, 2009. Members have already begun showing up to the Union Hall for the Informational Meetings (schedule below) to pick up tentative agreements reached at the Departmental levels. Today, issues discussed with the Mayor's Office were city-wide and primarily Economic.
Highlights: following a lengthy discussion about projected budget shortfalls in the 100's of millions of dollars and getting worse over the next three years, and;
In addition to discussions surrounding the City's desire to gain concessions related to the 3.75% wage increase that went into effect 4/4/09, City Proposed for the duration of the two year agreement, 10 furlough days, minus 2 legal holidays for employees who work certain amounts of overtime, minus two Floating Holidays in 2009/10, new employee contribution to Retiree Healthcare, parking, etc.

Following even more discussions with the Mayor's Office, DHR reps Martin and Winnie, and Larry Stringer and Melissa Tucker as well as the exchanges of proposals, in addition to the Departmental Agreements, the Union has finally agreed to:
Keep the 3.75%
Extend the "Wellness Incentive" through 12/31/2009.
No Furlough days
No lost Holidays
No lost Floaters
Administrative Assistance/Education funding help, and
in Year 2011 (January) Employees will contribute 2.0% into their Retiree Healthcare Trust Fund.

Adrian, Theresa, Joan, Terry, Manny, Nikki, Edison, Larry, Alex, Jose all did an outstanding job. It should be noted that Winnie Anderson and Illeana Semanc were dedicated, professional, and understanding throughout this difficult process and in a "takeaway year" served the City well.

Now, let's ratify our new agreement and continue our Service to the City!
- Vince Courtney

Friday, May 1, 2009

Laborers' Union/City can't get it done. More sessions next week!

San Francisco: Today, following an all day session, the Union and the City both agreed that we were too far apart to finalize Department level negotiations. Sticking points were significant enough to move towards more bargaining sessions. Highlights of the day included lengthy discussions about job/shift bidding at the Port, SFPUC, and MTA. Also, agreements were reached regarding the incorporation of the current recognition programs, as well as a new Joint Labor Management City Committee which gives great promise in terms of addressing many of the issues that the City has classified as not subject to the collective bargaining process.
(pictured: Oscar De La Torre and the team tentatively agree to unique Labor/Management Committee.)

Union continues to Fight Against Layoffs at SFDPW, SFPUC, and SFRPD.

Martin Gran, Employee Relations Division
Department of Human Resources
City and County of San Francisco
One South Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103-5413
Re: CCSF & LIUNA, Local 261 Layoffs
Dear Mr. Gran:
Pursuant to the MOU, I am appealing at Step III to the Department of Public Works’ denial of the grievance filed which relates to the most recent layoffs at the SFDPW Chavez Street location.
Notices were recently sent to approximately 30 General Laborers (7514,) which would result in the reduction of their work week from 40 to 20 hours effective Today. Unfortunately, this resulted in “bumping” of employees at, so far, the PUC and Recreation and Parks Department. Although, it appears that most of these notices have been “picked up” in one way or another, the Union’s position is that any employee in any Department who suffered economic loss as a result of the MOU violation shall be made whole through this process.
As always, you may contact me by cellular telephone to discuss (415) 810-4500.

Vince Courtney, City Representative

Cc Local 261 City Committee

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ratification Schedule: Informational Meetings Schedule (tentative)

Informational meetings 12pm Local 261: May 5,6
Informational meeting 4pm Local 261: May 7
Ratification: Q&A Forum/*Vote
RPD: May 11, DPW: May 12, all others: May 13
(meeting 11am, vote 12-5:00pm @Local 261)
*members may vote during any 3 sessions

Sit down forum (*1st 25) 12pm L tbd: May 14
Sit down forum (*1st 10) 6pm D tbd: May 15
City Committee (@RPD) Forum/lunch: May 27
Informational meeting 4pm Local 261: May 28
Sit down forum (*1st 25) 12pm L tbd: May 29
Informational meetings 4pm Local 261: June 2,4
Sit down forum (*1st 25) 12pm L tbd: June 10
Sit down forum (*1st 10) 6pm D tbd: June 11
Sit down forum (*1st 25) 12pm L tbd: June 17
Sit down forum (*1st 10) 6pm D tbd: June 19
City Committee (@261) Forum/lunch: June 24
Informational meetings are open to all members.
Forum attendance is limited to the first (10, 25) emailed requests to attend.
For nite meetings, preference will be given to nite shift workers.

261 Public Employee City Committee2009 Negotitiations Team
Chair, Adrian Field (RPD,) Co-Chair Theresa Foglio (DPW,)
Chief Stewards: Joan Vellutini (RPD,) Terry McDevitt, (RPD,) Edison Fincher (DPW,) Nikki Mixon (DPW,) Department Reps: Manny Bustos (PUC,) Larry Montoya (PORT,) Jose De La Mora (SFIA,) Alex Alvarez (MTA)
Follow: or email

Friday, April 24, 2009

No Impasse in site, City and Union moving quickly toward Ratification Voting Date and Submission to Board of Supervisors!

San Francisco: Today, the Local 261 Negotiations team and the City team worked toward the Friday nite membership meeting at reaching agreements (on just under 100 combined proposals,) in an effort to wrap up talks prior to a membership approval date. As the other Unions in the City move toward such agreements, it is likely that talks will conclude with Department representatives in time for both a membership vote (tbd) and submittal of the Tentative Agreement to the SF Board of Supervisors for its approval. Of particular note is the potential incorporation of agreements reached at the Departmental levels, new restrictions on personnel file sealing, securing of the “annual” bid language which currently exists, and the potential introduction of a Labor Management Committee (which our Stewards will be asked to serve on,) to consider and resolve matters related to the bargaining unit, supervision issues, and other collective bargaining agreement matters which arise during 2009/10-2010/11. If the City/Oscar De La Torre (our Business Manager,) do not declare an impasse, copies of tentative agreements will be made available at all informational meetings and please check back often as these meetings will be scheduled in all Departments for purposes of addressing questions and concerns agreement by agreement if need be and, the schedule will be LISTED HERE ON THE CITY COMMITTEE’S BLOG. In the end, the team will address the membership in all areas so that the members know Local 261’s team put forth a complete, committed, and superior effort this season in a “take away” year!

(pictured: City team and Union team honor Carmen Bonilla and Leslie Averiett of Local 3 for all of their help during contract negotiations!)

Friday, April 17, 2009

City and Union inch closer to tentative understanding for ratification date!

The City and Union have concluded sessions for the week by reaching more agreements on the way to, what may end up being the final week or two of direct talks with DHR representatives and Department representatives. We have managed to tentatively agree to matters which relate to Global positioning data, staffing level protections, volunteer language, entry and step levels, securing the dependent health care maintenance of benefit levels, and Personal Services Contracts among other things.

"At this point despite the City's hard line on economics, there is no question in my mind that we are achieving all that we can during theses critical sessions."
- Adrian Field City Negotiations Team Chair

We have had lengthy discussions about implementation of a NON-RANDOM drug testing program (for new hires, post accident, and based on specific criteria for "reasonable" suspicion of being intoxicated at work,) that have resulted in cautious progress by the parties toward improvement. Of particular concern will be the City's ability to get all similarly situated labor unions to agree to a similar testing mechanism to complement the current "fitness for duty" model. We have also discussed at length the need for increased stewardship, coordination, and liasoning that is unique to our bargaining unit activities.

Critical collective bargaining sessions will take place next week. We will be prepared to go ten or more hours on both April 22nd and 24th.
April 22, 2009 -
10am: Adrian Field, Theresa Foglio, Manny Bustos, Alex Alvarez, Larry Montoya, Edison Fincher, Jose De La Mora
(Vince Courtney, David De La Torre)
( Bids, Captains, Ombudsman, Drugs, etc.)

April 24, 2009 -
10am: Adrian Field, Theresa Foglio, Joan Vellutini, Terry McDevitt, Nikki Mixon,
(Oscar De La Torre, Vince Courtney)
( Drugs, Stewards, etc.)

Oscar has asked that following these sessions and in the absence of a new schedule;
Adrian Field, Theresa Foglio, Nikki Mixon, and Joan Vellutini remain "on call" with the Union.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tentative Agreements Being Reached at the Collective Bargaining Table.

San Francisco: With several negotiation sessions behind us now, tentative agreements are being reached by the parties. Despite lengthy discussions already revolving around overtime language, volunteer language, drug testing (not random,) and classification matters, no agreements have been made while the parties inch closer. There have been agreements reached related to Orientation, Agency Shop, Pay Codes, Sick Leave Ordinance, Probationary Period, Personal Services Contracts procedures, and others.
Winnie Anderson and Illeana Semanc for the City and Adrian Field and Theresa Foglio for the Union have had the responsibility of among other things, keeping an orderly and smooth pace throughout these sessions. The next sessions are set for 4/15 & 4/16 all day.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

City Employee Health Service Board and Retiree Health Trust Fund Board 2009 Elections.

261 Members: IT'S YOUR MONEY $$$ AND, IT'S YOUR VOTE!!!

If you have not already received your ballot in the mail, you will soon.  Please support the endorsed candidate for the Health Service System Board, Sharon Ferrigno.  

Also, Look into candidates John W. Maddon (retiree seat,) and Alexis Croce Casciato (active,) for the Retiree Health Trust Board as formal endorsements were not made in this race based on time constraints.  Both Maddon and Casciato have had extensive dealings with, and on behalf of our Labor Union.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jared Blumenfeld,General Manager San Francisco Recreation and Park Department delivers the plan.

The economic news facing the nation and the city is now having its impacton our recreation and parks system in San Francisco. The City has a $500million budget shortfall. It is really hard to even imagine the scale ofthis problem.
For the Recreation and Park Department, we are beingrequired to cut $11.4 million.In the midst of all this bad news, the San Francisco parks system justreceived a rating of eighty-six percent – This excellent number has gone upthree years in a row and shows what a good job the city is collectivelydoing to maintain our beloved parks.We have approached the budget problem by firstly trying to raise revenue inthe form of rock festivals, paid parking in parks, and increases to fees.While these are not all popular, they are necessary before we look atlaying-off staff.
As a result of this effort, we have come up with $4.8million in new revenue.Secondly, we cut managers and administrative positions by more thanthirteen percent, totaling $1.7 million. This is a good start but itdoesn’t get us all the way.I have visited over 200 of our parks facilities on my bicycle – thanks toall the members of the public that have joined me over the last threemonths!
One of the things that struck me was either the complete lack ofposted opening times or opening times that differed greatly from facilityto facility. We have worked to change this! For the first time, we willhave full-service recreation centers and swimming pools that will be open7-days per week and all our facilities will have clear schedules.
Unfortunately, we will have to lay off a total of 72 staff – mostlyproviders of recreation programs. While it is impossible to offer the samelevel of service with less staff, we are confident that we have developed aplan that will minimize the service impacts. All parks, playgrounds,recreation centers, pools, golf courses, gyms, art centers, senior centersand clubhouses will remain open. Not one recreation and parks facility willclose as a result of this budget.We will keep you informed as we move forward. More detailed informationabout this plan is available on our website: As aparticipant in our recreation programs, you play an important role in ourpartnership with your community and we welcome your comments and ideasabout how we can serve you better.

Best regards,Jared Blumenfeld,
General ManagerSan Francisco Recreation and Park Department

Friday, March 6, 2009

Contract Negotiations with City and County getting complicated and intense!

This afternoon the City and Local Union concluded sessions and moved toward March 13th as the date for proposals from both sides to be final. The Chairs (Adrian and Theresa,) coordinated an effective discussion in which thus far over forty proposals have already changed hands.
The City has made initial proposals that include eliminating Parking, Travel Pay, and other things while requesting a contribution to the Healthcare in the amount of %2 to start. The Union has proposed language related to representation, stewardship, jurisdiction, lead pay, PTO, shift bidding, professional organization fees, and other things. In the meantime, representatives from the DHR continue to request to reopen the current agreement to eliminate the scheduled wage increase.
Terry McDevitt, Joan Vellutini, Nikki Mixon, Edison Fincher, Larry Montoya, Manny Bustos, and Alex Alvarez have all brought top notch representation to the table for all of us! Check back for a continuously updated list of these items.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

LiUNA!, Local 261 City Committee and Union members' Negotiations Sessions Underway.

Today, the Union's Chief Stewards and Adrian Field moved deliberately through negotiations with representatives of every City Department that Local 261 has members. Ground Rules have been set and the Union and City will work towards jointly "charting" our progress and most importantly our intent.

Following the session members and other Committee Members converged on the Union Hall in the Mission District to discuss budget shortfalls, layoffs, civil service exams, the need for written contract proposals (proposals must be submitted by Union/City no later than 3/13,) Lobbying Policy, and other things.

MEMBERSHIP CALL: MARCH 24, 2009 at the Board of Supervisors Meeting 2nd Floor City Hall SF Supervisor Alioto will Honor Field, Foglio, McDevitt, Fincher, Mixon, and Vellutini. An honor for one is an honor for all! Come out to support and show your influence and solidarity! Wear Orange!

The Agenda:
Meeting AGENDA
Call to Order – Adrian Field – Chair 12:00 pm
MOU issues/Proposal Discussion/Report
City Committee Lobbying Policy
City Committee Department Lines Policy
Health Service Board election – possible endorsement
Arbitration Update
Bid Update
DHR Representative (tentative) re: 2009/2010 budget
New Business: Brothers Jackson and Seefeld
Old Business
Announcements – March 24, 2009 Board of Supervisors Meeting

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

DIRE Economic Picture has City Asking Laborers' Union Members for $$$!

Brothers & Sisters:

The attached came in this morning. I will ask that the SFDHR send a representative to your next meeting on February 25. I will keep you posted!
Labor Colleagues:

The City is facing an unprecedented $576 million projected shortfall to its General Fund for fiscal year 2009-2010. The necessary cuts to balance this shortfall will be incredibly difficult for City workers and for the residents of San Francisco who rely on critical City services.

In addition to two previous rounds of layoffs in recent months, the City will issue layoff notices on February 27, 2009, with a layoff effective date of May 1, 2009.

As you know, in light of these dire budgetary conditions, we are asking that all labor unions give up their December 2008 or April 2009 wage increases. We are asking all unions to forgo these raises, to keep the paychecks they had as of December 1, 2008, so that the City can reduce the number of anticipated layoffs. The request is to remain at or return to the December 1, 2008 level as soon as possible, but not later than June 30, 2009. This request is being made of all unions, regardless of whether the current MOU expires on June 30, 2009 or thereafter. The City is already in discussions with some labor groups.

Please contact me or our Bargaining Coordinator, Linda Papin, to schedule a meeting to discuss your union’s response to this request. Thank you for your consideration.

Very truly yours,

Martin R. Gran
Director, Employee Relations Division
Department of Human Resources

Monday, January 26, 2009


Our break-off team consists of:

Adrian Field Chair (SFRPD - 3422 Mission Dolores)
Theresa Foglio Co-Chair (SFDPW - BSES)
Joan Vellutini, Chief Steward (SFRPD - Urban Forestry GGP)
Terry McDevitt, Chief Steward (SFRPD - West Sunset)
Edison Fincher, Chief Steward (SFDPW - BSES)
Deshelia Mixon, Chief Steward (SFDPW - BUF)
Davis Weidner, Steward (SFIA - landscape)
Manuel Bustos, Steward (SFPUC - Milbrae)
Larry Montoya, Steward (SFPORT - Pier 50)
Alex Alvarez, Steward (SFMTA - 700 Penn)

I am replying to each delegate as well as their Supervisory contacts.
Let's talk on the phone about available dates.

In the meantime, please send the specific Charter Section language thatyou refer to, any "me too" language or other agreement entered into in the process of extending any other collective bargaining agreements in 2008/2009, the plan document for the 457 DCP (and any other plan document that the city authorizes or administers for its employees as a supplement to SFERS or the Health Service System including the SFPD "drop" program,) a current accounting of the City's liability of the wellness incentive program for Local 261, and the listing of budgeted positions for our bargaining unit by Department.

Thank you, we appreciate and are looking forward to a seamless
collective bargaining process.