Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SF Supervisors David Chiu, Carmen Chu, and Eric Mar know that Prop B is Bad Medicine for San Francisco!

Today, Local 261 Business Manager Ramon Hernandez, Secretary-Treasurer David De La Torre, and myself were very proud of our SF Leadership for "walking the walk," not just talking the talk. The No on B campaign knows what Tom O'Connor and the Firefighters (IAFF Local 798,) already know, the more the voter learns about Proposition B, the more they know that it does not "Make it Fair!" (click for pics)
The Chinatown merchant walk started around 2pm, as dozens of voters joined Supervisors Chiu, Chu, and Mar at getting the word out on the streets in a critical voting District.
"It is critically important for the voters to know that our membership suffers a greater burden under this proposed measure because our membership makes a far lower compensation than many of the targeted city employees." - Ramon Hernandez, LiUNA! Local 261 Business Manager.
Many folks around town think that Prop B is a winner. Our membership has negotiated reform with this administration and will continue to openly and honestly engage in order to do what's right for San Francisco. For this measure to simply ignore that entire process is disrespectful to the working men and women we represent, but more importantly, is simply not progressive!" stated David De La Torre of Laborers' 261.
There are still many volunteer opportunities for workers and their families to get the message out to the voters that Prop B does not really "make it fair," visit and volunteer today.
All members, join us October 30 at 10am for the GOTV!

Monday, October 4, 2010

142 Union Members Hit the Streets on a Friday Nite to Oppose Meg Whitman and Proposition B!

On Friday nite, the Union Members celebrated a successful campaign walk in which 142 members in both the public and private sector walked precincts before returning to the Local Union Offices for a Solidarity BBQ event. Ramon Hernandez and the Executive Board were joined by SF Board President David Chiu, SF Supervisor David Campos, Democratic Party Chairman Aaron Peskin, Labor Council Director Tim Paulson, School Board Member Kin Shree Maufas, Candidates Janet Reilly, Debra Walker, Rafael Mandelman, and Steve Moss at the celebration. Congratulations Chief Stewards and Dept. Reps Adrian Field, Joan Vellutini, Nikki Mixon, Terry McDevitt, Dan Feerick, Edison Fincher, Jose De La Mora, Alex Alvarez, Larry Montoya, Anthony Travis, Tony Lucero, and all the others for getting the word out.
Now, the real test...Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 10am Laborers Union Members precinct walk to Get Out the VOTE! See you then.