Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Laborers' Union Members Ratify 2009/10-2010/11 Memorandum of Understanding by a wide margin!

San Francisco: Today, at the LiUNA!, Local 261 Union Hall in the Mission District members from all Departments continued in the final day of this three day process toward ratifying the CCSF/Local 261 Agreement.

The vote: 195 FOR 11 AGAINST
The SF Board of Supervisors will now take the matter up at its regular agenda for adoption.

Special thanks to Brothers Terry McDevitt, Steve Elder, Manny Bustos, Jose De La Mora, the Negotiations Committee, and all who assisted in this ratification process!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Negotiations and pre-ratification informational meetings concluded, Laborers' Union Members prepare for VOTE on 2009/10-2010/11 MOU May 11, 12, 13!

San Francisco: Union members have just concluded the pre-ratification meeting schedule. Many have asked that a card be sent in the mail and the Union is working quickly in furtherance of this effort. In the meantime, please contact as many people as you can so that we can enjoy maximum participation in the MOU vote at the Union Hall on May 11, (RPD) May 12, (DPW) and May 13 (SFO,PUC,MTA,PORT.) The Negotiations team urges a yes vote and meetings will be conducted from 11am-12pm for illustrations and questions. Members can vote any of the three days 12-5.
(pictured: Local 261 Business Manager, Oscar De La Torre signs final agreement as Adrian Field, Theresa Foglio, Nikki Mixon, Jose De La Mora, Terry McDevitt, and Joan Vellutini look on following an all day session in the Mayor's Office yesterday.)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Laborers' Union Negotiations Team Reaches Tentative Agreement on FY09/10-10/11 M.O.U.

6:00pm San Francisco City Hall:
Oscar De La Torre and the Public Employee City Committee Negotiations Team finally reached Agreement with the City on a proposed MOU to commence July 1, 2009. Members have already begun showing up to the Union Hall for the Informational Meetings (schedule below) to pick up tentative agreements reached at the Departmental levels. Today, issues discussed with the Mayor's Office were city-wide and primarily Economic.
Highlights: following a lengthy discussion about projected budget shortfalls in the 100's of millions of dollars and getting worse over the next three years, and;
In addition to discussions surrounding the City's desire to gain concessions related to the 3.75% wage increase that went into effect 4/4/09, City Proposed for the duration of the two year agreement, 10 furlough days, minus 2 legal holidays for employees who work certain amounts of overtime, minus two Floating Holidays in 2009/10, new employee contribution to Retiree Healthcare, parking, etc.

Following even more discussions with the Mayor's Office, DHR reps Martin and Winnie, and Larry Stringer and Melissa Tucker as well as the exchanges of proposals, in addition to the Departmental Agreements, the Union has finally agreed to:
Keep the 3.75%
Extend the "Wellness Incentive" through 12/31/2009.
No Furlough days
No lost Holidays
No lost Floaters
Administrative Assistance/Education funding help, and
in Year 2011 (January) Employees will contribute 2.0% into their Retiree Healthcare Trust Fund.

Adrian, Theresa, Joan, Terry, Manny, Nikki, Edison, Larry, Alex, Jose all did an outstanding job. It should be noted that Winnie Anderson and Illeana Semanc were dedicated, professional, and understanding throughout this difficult process and in a "takeaway year" served the City well.

Now, let's ratify our new agreement and continue our Service to the City!
- Vince Courtney

Friday, May 1, 2009

Laborers' Union/City can't get it done. More sessions next week!

San Francisco: Today, following an all day session, the Union and the City both agreed that we were too far apart to finalize Department level negotiations. Sticking points were significant enough to move towards more bargaining sessions. Highlights of the day included lengthy discussions about job/shift bidding at the Port, SFPUC, and MTA. Also, agreements were reached regarding the incorporation of the current recognition programs, as well as a new Joint Labor Management City Committee which gives great promise in terms of addressing many of the issues that the City has classified as not subject to the collective bargaining process.
(pictured: Oscar De La Torre and the team tentatively agree to unique Labor/Management Committee.)

Union continues to Fight Against Layoffs at SFDPW, SFPUC, and SFRPD.

Martin Gran, Employee Relations Division
Department of Human Resources
City and County of San Francisco
One South Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103-5413
Re: CCSF & LIUNA, Local 261 Layoffs
Dear Mr. Gran:
Pursuant to the MOU, I am appealing at Step III to the Department of Public Works’ denial of the grievance filed which relates to the most recent layoffs at the SFDPW Chavez Street location.
Notices were recently sent to approximately 30 General Laborers (7514,) which would result in the reduction of their work week from 40 to 20 hours effective Today. Unfortunately, this resulted in “bumping” of employees at, so far, the PUC and Recreation and Parks Department. Although, it appears that most of these notices have been “picked up” in one way or another, the Union’s position is that any employee in any Department who suffered economic loss as a result of the MOU violation shall be made whole through this process.
As always, you may contact me by cellular telephone to discuss (415) 810-4500.

Vince Courtney, City Representative

Cc Local 261 City Committee