Thursday, April 26, 2012

CITY and IFPTE reach mediated agreement!

Rec. & Park Team along with Chair Nikki Mixon, engage SFRPD in All Day Session.

Today, the Team engaged RPD management on a number of items, primarily Department specific.  The representatives for the Union included Theresa Foglio, Nikki Mixon, Theresa O'Brien, Bruce Ricci, John Raulli, Adrian Rojo, Keith Roberts, & Steve Elder.  For the Department, General Manger Phil Ginsburg, Denny Kern, Ana Alvarez, Kin Gee, & Melissa Tucker spent the entire day meeting on all items.  Below id a short list of some of the items discussed.  No agreements were reached by the parties, but the team agreed the sides are getting closer.  Opportunity for workers in various classes was the primary objective of the Union, while the Department placed great emphasis on coverage in a Park system that does not "close" on the weekends.  What follows is a short but not all inclusive listing of items touched on:

#3 – Guidelines for Supervisor Workloads – writing required
#4 – Work Schedules – III.C.1-  Dept. Proposes to eliminate
#27 – Lead Worker Pay – Supervising Alts./Vols/staff
#29 – Acting Assignment Pay – (see 3464/7281)
#32 – District Captain – Schedules, 5% (10% when 22 absent/Apprenticeship)
#34 – 7501/3410 – adjusting 3410 pay increases; 7281 for each Dept. with apprenticeship agreement,  (3422s may "Act" in 3464/7281 class.)
#37 – 7501 (3410) – next salary steps/point of entry
 #44 – Work Clothing – distinguish staff from alt. workers
 APPENDIX: Shift Bidding (3422s)
Alt. Work Programs – members will be appointed lead and assigned to direct the work of volunteer and or alt. work program participants (lead , or Acting)

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

City-wide San Francisco Labor Council PEC Counter Proposal (Healthcare) DRAFT

City Committee Update

Thank you to everybody who made it to the City Committee Update today. We will be negotiating at RPD all day tomorrow, and back at the Local Union Friday. We are requesting RPD Reps only tomorrow (along with Chair Mixon,) and all other team members and our Chair on Friday. Thank you to Joan, Norflis, and Steve for filling in as Chairman as well during a few of our sessions. We anticipate presenting a tentative Agreement within the next two weeks. In the event it is rejected by our rank & file, an Arbitration hearing has been scheduled for May 7, 2012, (we will have information by then, from other arbitration decisions...hearings which are already underway.) We are contemplating mechanisms for voting in remote locations (Hetch-Hetchy, SFIA, Sunol, ) and may be able to provide a ballot box for those areas as well. The bargaining team will continue to make all efforts to negotiate the best possible language for the Laborers' Union membership.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

City Committee meets 12:00 Wed. at 261: Status of City Proposals/ Next Session at RPD Thursday 9:00am.

Several Bargaining units are either in or headed for mediation/arbitration now.  The Laborers are scheduled for May 7.  We will continue negotiating the City and Union proposals at the table as we move toward our date and learn more outcomes related to City-wide matters (ie Furloughs, Healthcare contributions, etc.)


#1 – Grievance procedure 

#2 – Term – 2 years – TA by Union

#3 – Wages – last counter 6 furloughs with smoothing

#4 – Public Outreach/Public safety crosstraining – Strike (1%)

#5 – Regular Work Schedules – Strike current work schedule language

#6 – Travel Pay – Strike

#7 – Recognition – Clean Up- counter keeps still used classifications

#8 – District Captain Pay – Rec & Park change title to park section captain and affirms authority to appoint and determine the schedule based on operational needs

#9 – Camp Mather – Periods to be based on operational need

#10 – Guidelines for Volunteers and Alt. Worker Programs – Be able to use power tools

#11 – Shop Stewards – limiting number of stewards; removal of liaison language

#12 – Standby Pay – strike (25%) and strike pager

#13 – Lead Pay – add "in writing" and when directing (4 others in same classification)

#14 – RPD – Bid every 3 years

#15 – Probationary Period – remove Union from mutual agreement, make mutual between employee and City

#16 – Non – discrimination – TA by Union

#17 – Pilot Wellness Incentive Program – TA by Union

#18 – Dental Coverage – add premiums of  $5, $10, $15

#19 – Overtime Compensation - (I don't have a copy of proposal) Only hours worked and legal holidays counted toward hours accrued for the purposes of overtime:

#20 - PSC's and Constr./Maintenance Contracts - (change language to "except where noted in CBA's - TA by Union

#21 - Bargaining Unit Work - Strike

#22 - PEC Clean up - TA by Union

#23 - Seniority Increments - Employees hired on or after July 1, 2012, shall advance to the 2nd step and to each successive step upon completion of the 1 year required service.

#24 - Education Fund - the City agrees to allocate $5,000 annually; $250 per year per employee; Strike - rollover of unused per year.

#25 - Muni Incentive Programs - Strike III.U.

#26 - Parking - Strike, no free parking

#27 - Night Shift Differential - (I don't have a copy of proposal)

#28 - Work Schedules at RPD for gardener - (I don't have a copy of proposal)

#29 - Vacation Scheduling - RPD - (I don't have a copy of proposal) - limits to duration and timing

#30 - Health Insurance - fixed $ amount paid by City for Health Insurance

#31 - Substance Abuse Prevention Policy - TA by Union to revised City Proposal

#32 - Government Liaison - eliminate city paid liaison

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Wednesday, City Committee Update @L261 12 noon - Thursday, 9:00am all RPD Representatives and Chair Nikki Mixon to report to McLaren Lodge.

Next session at 501 Stanyan Street, McLaren Lodge, Union to release all RPD representatives and Chair Nikki Mixon, 9am to late afternoon/evening.

Current Status - Union Proposals
#1 – Camp Mather – Appedix A – "Opportunities to work at Camp Mather will be based on Merit, Chief Shop Stewards will jointly administer sign ups…"

#2 - Reorganization – Withdrawn

#3 – Guidelines for Supervisor Workloads – II.O.- "In no event will supervisory employees covered by this agreement be required to perform functions of a higher class in another bargaining unit without being provided assignment in writing. Upon Union request, Dept. agrees to m&c over proposed assignment if not voluntarily accepted."

#4 – Work Schedules – III.C.1- omit "any such agreement shall be submitted to the Mayor's Budget Office for its approval or rejection."

#5 – Time off for Voting – III.H- travel time shall be granted (labor organization matters)

#6 – Recognition – 3418,3464,0922

#7 – JLMC – TA to City Counter (pending RPD – April 26)

#8 – Grievance Procedure – furnish designee for grievances; no response-grievance moves to next step; Expedited Arbitration (designated schedule)

#9 – Agency Shop – add LCTF & Alliance

#10 – Shop Stewards – list of stewards; minimize release time; notification of orientations

#11 – Bulletin Boards – Withdrawn

#12 – Cope Contributions – TA by City

#13 – Seniority – Dept. will provide a written statement of how seniority was in fact considered in making of assignments, which result in an increase of pay

#14 – Subcontracting – line 24 & 25 withdrawn – TA by City to notify Local 261

#15 – Bargaining Unit Work – Withdrawn

#16 – Request for reassignment – In Dept. with no shift/assignment bid

#17 – Temp. Assignments – offered in seniority order then reverse seniority

#18 – Workforce Reduction – performing functions of higher classification without $ is prohibited; Written information for internal compensation adjustments

#19 – Minimum Notice for Displacements – Withdrawn

#20 – Utilization of Prop F and Temp. Exempt Employees – presence will no effect the normal chain of command or responsibilities

#21 – Guidelines for Supervisor Workloads – in supervisory classification to perform the managerial or admin. Function of a higher class, agree to expedited the matter at next scheduled arbitration hearing

#22 – Wages – 2012/13=5%, 2013/14=4.5%; 3417,7514 completing apprenticeship to enter at step 5

#23 – Current work Schedules – delete employees hired on or after July 1, 2009; inclement weather (24 hour notice); 0 furloughs

#24 – Additional Compensation – except for premiums which apply to the entire unit; highest premium shall apply

#25 – Extended Tour of Duty Pay – 50% after the (8th) hour; Camp Mather ($5.00) per day above compensation for the day

#26 – Container Cranes Premium – to include all Bargaining Unit members

#27 – Lead Worker Pay – (5%); when working with volunteers and assigned lead, or when working with "alternate workers' and assigned as lead

#28 – Standby Pay – delete "standby pay shall not be allowed in classes whose duties are primarily admin. In nature.

#29 – Acting Assignment Pay – will not be available unless and until, the completion of any supplemental bid for reassignment occurs.

#30 – Supervisory Differential Adjustment – premium shall appear on the employee's payroll check stub as a separate line item

#31 – Pneumatic Tool Premium – ($1.35) per hour also adding in title (chainsaw, blasting, lead abatement)

#32 – District Captain – all employees assigned to evaluate, train, administer, work with CCSF, or manage in connection with jointly admin. Apprenticeship programs (10%) per day.

#33 – Public Outreach/public Safety cross training premium – (2%)

#34 – 7501/3410 – adjusting 3410 pay increases; $4,250 per each 7501 & 3410; $75,00 for each year ombudsman; training will be at Camp Mather; 7281 for each Dept. with apprenticeship agreement, consistent with past practices

#35 – Holidays – Lunar New Year

#36 – Floating Holidays – (10)

#37 – 7501 7 (3410) – next salary step upon completion of 12 weeks of continuous service

#38 – Retirement Restoration – employees who retire prior to the termination of this agreement

#39 – Paid Sick Leave Ordinance – with the exception of temporary employees

#40 – MTA – all bargaining unit members who reside in the City shall be entitled to a fast pass monthly

#41 – Education Fund – Dept. with State Certified Apprenticeship $3,000 to LCTF annually

#42 – Professional Organization Fees – include: Local 261 City Committee, Alliance, APRI, Parks Alliance, SF Beautiful and similar

#43 – Retiree Health Care Trust Fund – TA by City

#44 – Work Clothing – any Dept. is providing maintenance employees with clothing "for work" or inclement weather, the Dept. shall provide the same to L261

#45 – Night shift Premium – change "regularly" to "having been"

Overtime Wheels – to be made available to shop stewards

Staffing Level – using class 7501 or 7501A shall maintain (2004) level of 7514,3417,7502

Alt. Work Programs – members will be appointed lead and assigned to direct the work of volunteer and or alt. work program participants

Layoffs – TA by City

DPW – Bids commence each year on second week of Jan.; meet and confer over bids for not more than 30 days; in no event will the bid commence after March 31st any year

Recognition Awards – Montoya recognition/Gardener/ Laborer Apprenticeship

Sup. IIs shall bid

Current Sewer Worker Premium shall continue

PUC – Gang Truck Laborers by virtue of assign. Shall be entitled to the Sewer worker premium

Rec & Park – Annual bid to be conducted in the same manner as DPW

Post bid trade proposal includes acceptance of two 3417s and the 3422s in respective area, trade shall be honored within 10 working days

Recognition Awards – William Hammond Hall/ Gardener Apprenticeship

Vince Courtney
LiUNA!, NCDCL/Local 261
: (415) 810-4500

Friday, April 13, 2012

City & Union Meet to Today on Matters Concerning SFPUC, SFMTA, SFIA, & The SF Port. City-wide proposal updates also to come.

Today the Union & City will continue talks as we approach our scheduled arbitration. Ramon Hernandez and Theresa Foglio will coordinate the conversation while DeShelia Mixon continues as the Chair. Matters and topics (in addition to outstanding information requests made by the Union,) include premium pay provisions, healthcare, and shifts/hours. Alex Alvarez, Jose De La Mora, Anthony Travis, Dave Gibbs, and Tyrone Burney have been released from their respective Department assignments in order to negotiate on the Union's behalf.

A proposed additional bargaining schedule is on the table, while the City has authorized an informational meeting with the SFRPD 3422 class this Tuesday 12:00pm at the Randall Museum.

Updates: cellular/text: (415) 810-4500