Tuesday, April 19, 2011

San Francisco Supervisor Scott Weiner to join men & women of LiUNA!, Local 261 to talk Parks, Budget.

April 21, 2011
City Committee Agenda

Call to Order - Field
Budget Report - Courtney
Special Guest:
SF Supervisor Scott Weiner
Pension (Ballot) status - McDevitt
Political Action - Courtney
New Business:
May 7th: Leland Yee Kickoff Event
May 26th: SFDPW Montoya Event
June 23rd: William Hammond Hall
Old Business:
Mobile Work Crews
Bid Committee reports
3422 only meeting 4/27

Monday, April 11, 2011

San Francisco's Mayor Lee still formulating pension-fix plan | Joshua Sabatini | Local | San Francisco Examiner

San Francisco's Mayor Lee still formulating pension-fix plan | Joshua Sabatini | Local | San Francisco Examiner

“We are almost at the finish line,” said spokesman Nathan Ballard. “Within weeks we’ll have a finished product that will have the support of the mayor and the supervisors.”

Yet labor is concerned about how much employees will be asked to increase their pension contributions. Most workers currently contribute 7.5 or 9 percent to their pensions. But labor leader Bob Muscat, who is participating in the pension talks, said The City is looking at contributions as high as 14 percent, which he said would be “disastrous” for some city workers. Labor has explored increases of up to 3 percent over the current amounts.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Full Board of Supervisors to decide between Ideology and Pragmatic Decision making next Tuesday.

Strong memories and fond attachments will not lead us out of this recession. While, the Parks are for everyone, the citizens of the City and County of San Francisco are the true owners. It is not logical to suggest that we must also extend the "tax cuts" to folks who have not asked for it. It is critical for us to generate revenue for Recreation and Parks. Let's move in unison, and do everything we can do to assist the Department at solving real revenue problems because it directly impacts us year after year. As stewards, we love our Parks and care about them too, but they are destinations that require investment, upkeep, and sometimes a modest fee to keep them running well, beautiful, and safe for everyone.The LiUNA!, Local 261 City Committee has consistently and overwhelmingly supported such revenue because the workers have been subjected to a slow bleed for the past several years as a result of our economic downturn. Because they respect our Union and the work we do, our coalition of Labor, Business, and Community leaders and Organizations is pulling for us. Mayor Edwin Lee has decided to make the fee for non-residents permanent, while the Board of Supervisors is considering a one-time payment. Spectacular showing by the workers on their days off, and personal time (lots of construction workers from Brother Oscar De La Torre's office,) and great support from all of our friends who support our efforts! (You can watch the tape here, and Brother Courtney states our position at about 3:08:00.)