Thursday, June 7, 2012

(MOU Update) Scheduling at the SFRPD: Bid Committee Meetings

Local 261 Bid Committee Meetings will soon be scheduled and posted here. It is anticipated that at the Recreation & Parks Department only, meetings will begin taking place during the month of June. The Department has already proposed to change some of the schedules for the new hires (appointed this week,) pursuant to the communication sent by the Director of Operations last week, (relevant sections below)

Excerpt from message sent from Dennis Kern to all 3422s;
"As you know, our recently negotiated L261 collective bargaining agreement includes language regarding work schedule changes based on operational needs. We view this as an important tool that will allow us to fine-tune park maintenance operations. We do not envision any large scale change in current work schedules because the vast majority of our park maintenance will continue to occur Mondays through Fridays; however, there are some adjustments that may be required to proactively respond to how the public uses their parks. Important factors include:
· Preserve core schedules and devise a subset of alternative schedules driven by operational need
· Maintain proper supervision and daily line-up accountability
· Develop schedules by service area
· Account for seasonal / daylight savings time adjustments
All of this is a work in progress, and we will share information as it is compiled because it is important to the work that we all do together.

Separate from the CBA language – but as an outcome of the CBA negotiations – the Department will work jointly with L261 on transitioning our current annual 3417 Bid process for vacant positions to a two-year 3417 Bid process. This will require mutually developed and agreed upon Bid Rules and, once implemented, it will also serve as an important tool in establishing work schedules that meet operational needs and accommodating gardener preferences for a range of work schedules based on seniority. This, too, will be a work in progress which will be undertaken by a jointly-formed Bid Committee (RPD and L261). "

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