Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ratification Schedule: Informational Meetings Schedule (tentative)

Informational meetings 12pm Local 261: May 5,6
Informational meeting 4pm Local 261: May 7
Ratification: Q&A Forum/*Vote
RPD: May 11, DPW: May 12, all others: May 13
(meeting 11am, vote 12-5:00pm @Local 261)
*members may vote during any 3 sessions

Sit down forum (*1st 25) 12pm L tbd: May 14
Sit down forum (*1st 10) 6pm D tbd: May 15
City Committee (@RPD) Forum/lunch: May 27
Informational meeting 4pm Local 261: May 28
Sit down forum (*1st 25) 12pm L tbd: May 29
Informational meetings 4pm Local 261: June 2,4
Sit down forum (*1st 25) 12pm L tbd: June 10
Sit down forum (*1st 10) 6pm D tbd: June 11
Sit down forum (*1st 25) 12pm L tbd: June 17
Sit down forum (*1st 10) 6pm D tbd: June 19
City Committee (@261) Forum/lunch: June 24
Informational meetings are open to all members.
Forum attendance is limited to the first (10, 25) emailed requests to attend.
For nite meetings, preference will be given to nite shift workers.

261 Public Employee City Committee2009 Negotitiations Team
Chair, Adrian Field (RPD,) Co-Chair Theresa Foglio (DPW,)
Chief Stewards: Joan Vellutini (RPD,) Terry McDevitt, (RPD,) Edison Fincher (DPW,) Nikki Mixon (DPW,) Department Reps: Manny Bustos (PUC,) Larry Montoya (PORT,) Jose De La Mora (SFIA,) Alex Alvarez (MTA)
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Friday, April 24, 2009

No Impasse in site, City and Union moving quickly toward Ratification Voting Date and Submission to Board of Supervisors!

San Francisco: Today, the Local 261 Negotiations team and the City team worked toward the Friday nite membership meeting at reaching agreements (on just under 100 combined proposals,) in an effort to wrap up talks prior to a membership approval date. As the other Unions in the City move toward such agreements, it is likely that talks will conclude with Department representatives in time for both a membership vote (tbd) and submittal of the Tentative Agreement to the SF Board of Supervisors for its approval. Of particular note is the potential incorporation of agreements reached at the Departmental levels, new restrictions on personnel file sealing, securing of the “annual” bid language which currently exists, and the potential introduction of a Labor Management Committee (which our Stewards will be asked to serve on,) to consider and resolve matters related to the bargaining unit, supervision issues, and other collective bargaining agreement matters which arise during 2009/10-2010/11. If the City/Oscar De La Torre (our Business Manager,) do not declare an impasse, copies of tentative agreements will be made available at all informational meetings and please check back often as these meetings will be scheduled in all Departments for purposes of addressing questions and concerns agreement by agreement if need be and, the schedule will be LISTED HERE ON THE CITY COMMITTEE’S BLOG. In the end, the team will address the membership in all areas so that the members know Local 261’s team put forth a complete, committed, and superior effort this season in a “take away” year!

(pictured: City team and Union team honor Carmen Bonilla and Leslie Averiett of Local 3 for all of their help during contract negotiations!)

Friday, April 17, 2009

City and Union inch closer to tentative understanding for ratification date!

The City and Union have concluded sessions for the week by reaching more agreements on the way to, what may end up being the final week or two of direct talks with DHR representatives and Department representatives. We have managed to tentatively agree to matters which relate to Global positioning data, staffing level protections, volunteer language, entry and step levels, securing the dependent health care maintenance of benefit levels, and Personal Services Contracts among other things.

"At this point despite the City's hard line on economics, there is no question in my mind that we are achieving all that we can during theses critical sessions."
- Adrian Field City Negotiations Team Chair

We have had lengthy discussions about implementation of a NON-RANDOM drug testing program (for new hires, post accident, and based on specific criteria for "reasonable" suspicion of being intoxicated at work,) that have resulted in cautious progress by the parties toward improvement. Of particular concern will be the City's ability to get all similarly situated labor unions to agree to a similar testing mechanism to complement the current "fitness for duty" model. We have also discussed at length the need for increased stewardship, coordination, and liasoning that is unique to our bargaining unit activities.

Critical collective bargaining sessions will take place next week. We will be prepared to go ten or more hours on both April 22nd and 24th.
April 22, 2009 -
10am: Adrian Field, Theresa Foglio, Manny Bustos, Alex Alvarez, Larry Montoya, Edison Fincher, Jose De La Mora
(Vince Courtney, David De La Torre)
( Bids, Captains, Ombudsman, Drugs, etc.)

April 24, 2009 -
10am: Adrian Field, Theresa Foglio, Joan Vellutini, Terry McDevitt, Nikki Mixon,
(Oscar De La Torre, Vince Courtney)
( Drugs, Stewards, etc.)

Oscar has asked that following these sessions and in the absence of a new schedule;
Adrian Field, Theresa Foglio, Nikki Mixon, and Joan Vellutini remain "on call" with the Union.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tentative Agreements Being Reached at the Collective Bargaining Table.

San Francisco: With several negotiation sessions behind us now, tentative agreements are being reached by the parties. Despite lengthy discussions already revolving around overtime language, volunteer language, drug testing (not random,) and classification matters, no agreements have been made while the parties inch closer. There have been agreements reached related to Orientation, Agency Shop, Pay Codes, Sick Leave Ordinance, Probationary Period, Personal Services Contracts procedures, and others.
Winnie Anderson and Illeana Semanc for the City and Adrian Field and Theresa Foglio for the Union have had the responsibility of among other things, keeping an orderly and smooth pace throughout these sessions. The next sessions are set for 4/15 & 4/16 all day.